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Blog10 Benefits to Owning a Propane BBQ

10 Benefits to Owning a Propane BBQ

1. Heating time: It takes only about ten minutes after ignition for the grill to reach the desired temperature. Convenient, especially when the whole family is hungry!

2. An infinite amount of gas: Do you have a gas fireplace and/or oven? It is possible to connect your barbecue to the same bottle; call us to find out how. Never again will you have to lug your tank to the local convenience store at supper time to fill it up!

3. Easily movable: A barbecue filled with coal is often not easy to move, especially when it is still hot. The propane grill and its tank have the advantage of being light and on wheels!

4. Instant Ignition: Lighting a charcoal BBQ is a task that can be tedious. Do not spend eternal minutes playing with your firelighters, your gas and your briquettes. Just press the ignition button and you're done!

5. Quick and Easy Cooking: Coal is long, very long, to heat up; probably as long as to light. With propane, it is possible to improvise last minute meals where you can eat quickly. Propane will quickly cook your food and allow you to improvise tasty meals, even on weekdays.

6. Keep the vitamins: Propane will help your family be healthier. In addition to making vegetables even tastier and caramelizing their sugars, cooking with gas will allow them to keep their essential nutrients!

7. No more soiling: Cooking with charcoal can be messy. Propane is a clean fuel that produces no garbage. The propane gas BBQ also has a compartment to recover cooking fat, making the task even easier.

8. Shorter cleaning time: After propane cooking, all you have to do is close the burner (and the cylinder, if necessary). The next time you want to use your BBQ, you’ll only have to brush the grill and you'll have it! No coal to empty.

9. Ecological: Propane produces much less waste and particles in the atmosphere than cooking coal. What a delight for your environmental conscience!

At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, we are experts in propane barbecues. It is our duty to offer only quality products. We install and lease propane tanks of all sizes. Whether for industrial, residential or agricultural needs, we have them! Our specialists available day and night will always offer you the best service, whatever the time.

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