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3 Options to Heat Your Swimming Pool

In Quebec, the blessed period when you can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool is, to say the least, ephemeral: just a few weeks of heat and heck! It's already finished ... So, unless you swear by the benefits of icy water on the bloodstream, you probably prefer to swim in water, say, more temperate! The solution to prolong your bathing season? At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, we know different options. Discover 3 of the top performers by reading this blog article.

Electric Heat pumps
The principle of this device that is installed at the exit of the filter is that it uses the temperature of the air to warm the water of the swimming pool. In general, the electric heat pump increases the heat of the water very gradually, and it can take a few days before it reaches the desired degree. His biggest flaw? It is sometimes quite noisy, which can reduce your serenity ... along with that of your neighborhood!

Electric water heater
Usually cheaper than the heat pump, the electric water heater is nevertheless more efficient, as it heats your pool faster. Also connected to the filter, it increases the temperature of the water circulating in a coil. Its main disadvantage? Its cost of use in terms of energy consumption.

Gas Water Heater
You might wake up with the spontaneous urge to invite a few friends for an improvised evening of swimming and BBQ. The water in your pool is 66 ° F (19 ° C). Brrr! That said, if you had the brilliant idea of purchasing a gas water heater, "there would be no problem!” Indeed, this last solution - but not the least! - is surprisingly effective.

Unlike electrical appliances, gas models make it possible to increase the water temperature at an impressive speed (up to 3 ° C per hour!). Like many experts, we believe this is the perfect solution to enjoy your pool as long as possible. Moreover, its high energy efficiency results in a significant reduction in the heating costs of your water and its operation is very discreet. Just between us, why not go for this option right away?

A quality gas water heater for your in-ground or above ground pool
To have a gas pool heater perfectly adapted to your needs, call Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, one of our advisors will help you choose the models that can suit your type of swimming pool and your budget. We distribute the following brands: Hayward, Laars, Raypak and Sta-Rite.

Is your gas water heater - residential or commercial - defective? No worries, we will repair it! Contact us today.
On this, happy swimming!

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