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4 Reasons to Use Heating Oil for Your Household or Business Heating

No matter which type you use, there are many benefits to heating with oil. Fuel oil, sometimes referred to as heating oil, falls into two categories: Fuel oil number 1, or stove oil, which is used, among other things, for oil stoves and floor furnaces, is a fuel lighter and more refined that gives off more BTU than the number 2 fuel oil and is often more expensive than this one. Fuel oil number 2, or furnace oil, is very popular for hot water and hot air heating systems. This type of oil is easily recognized because the tank must be located inside. The experts at Mazout et Propane Beauchemin that services the South Shore and Montreal can help you make an informed choices. Fuel oil has several virtues; here are 4 reasons to use it to heat your home or your business.

1. Fuel oil is economical:
Because oil-fired appliances have better heat output than all other systems, they use less fuel and despite fluctuations the average price for heating a residence or commercial space with oil is historically much more than the cost of other energy products. Oil can heat water twice as fast as a natural gas system and five times faster than electricity. Why? Because fuel oil produces the hottest flame of all sources of energy. With an oil-fired kettle combined with hot water and hot air, hot water will cost you virtually nothing in the fall, winter and spring when your heating boiler runs. Even in the future, the price of fuel oil is expected to increase more slowly than that of electricity and even natural gas. If inflation is taken into account, the price of fuel oil has changed very little over the last 60 years. Because heating oil burns cleaner than it did 60 years ago and furnace lifespan have improved, we are seeing an even greater economy.

2. Fuel oil is a clean fuel:
We know that an oil-fired heating system is odorless and the industry continues to reduce the sulfur content of fuel oil, resulting in a reduction in pollutant emissions. Indeed, heating oil is much cleaner than it was 30 years ago. Thanks to high-efficiency equipment, an efficiency rate of 85% is achieved and this improved efficiency results in a considerable reduction in particle emissions. All this for a cleaner environment.

3. Fuel oil is a completely autonomous and reliable fuel:
Oil tanks are now made of fiberglass, polyethylene and corrosion-resistant steel making them more reliable and durable. They are versatile thanks to their designs which allow you to save space while facilitating their installation inside as well as outside. The new burners are much more efficient than before, therefore, more economical. This is not to say that some of the new systems no longer require a chimney to operate, which represents installation costs at much lower costs. In addition, oil-fired stoves operating under gravity are never affected by power outages. For furnaces or central boilers, a low-power generator can easily supply them in the event of a power failure.

4. Fuel oil is a safe fuel:

It is true that oil is non-explosive. Exposed to a match, the fuel oil will not ignite. Because fuel oil burns at high temperatures, it produces the most comfortable heat possible. This allows you to quickly get the desired degree of heat. It therefore offers greater comfort than natural gas, electricity and any other source of residential heating.

It's easy to improve the efficiency of your furnace, and it's inexpensive. All you need is adequate maintenance and a few improvements to ensure you meet all your residential or commercial heating needs at a lower cost. Call our experts to help you today.

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