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5 unsuspected uses of propane

Usually, at home, propane is often used to power the pool heater, the fireplace or the water heaters, but propane has several other functions, sometimes unsuspected. Discover 5 of them here!

To supply household appliances. Do you own a gas line at home or a motor vehicle? Why not opt for propane powered appliances? They are more efficient in addition to being much more environmentally friendly than appliances powered by traditional electricity.

Fueling vehicles. You've probably seen forklifts or golf carts powered by propane. But have you ever noticed that several buses, taxis, postal vehicles and delivery vehicles were powered by this same gas? It is much cleaner than oil. It could be a solution for the future! It is now possible to convert your vehicle to propane.
Drying crops. It is common to dry grains, hay and fruit with propane. For farmers, it is a fast, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly solution, since there is only 10% energy loss when using this gas.

Heating buildings.
We often hear about heating oil that heats buildings and houses, but less propane. However, this gas costs 15 to 25% less than traditional electric heating. At the moment, this type of energy is used on construction sites as well as in greenhouses and farm buildings.

Transforming metals. In mines, propane is used during the metal processing process.

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