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Blog > A Guide to Buying an Outdoor Fireplace for the Summer Season

A Guide to Buying an Outdoor Fireplace for the Summer Season

The night falls on a beautiful summer day. You only have one desire: stay out for another hour or two to make the most of this short season. You take a seat on a comfortable armchair with a blanket, and then you offer yourself the supreme reward: a fire under the stars! Does this scenario speak to you? Obviously! If you are thinking of buying an outdoor fireplace to enjoy the summer, read this short guide written by our team of experts at Mazout & Propane Beauchemin.

The imminent disappearance of outdoor wood burning fireplaces
The wood that crepitates and dances sparks is romantic. That being said, more and more environmental organizations are complaining about the dangerous and polluting nature of this type of combustion, which emits volatile organic compounds and fine particles - the famous smog - in addition to spreading inconvenient odors ... Thus, in recent years, several municipalities of the greater Montreal region have decided to prohibit outdoor wood burning fireplaces. If your borough still tolerates them, be sure to strictly follow the rules, otherwise you might be fined.

The advantages of outdoor gas fireplaces
If the idea of renouncing the soothing heat of an outdoor fireplace this summer breaks your heart, console yourself quickly! Indeed, there is a much more ecological and safe option: the gas fireplace. It must be approved and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. For example, you should avoid placing it near flammable materials - never under a tent or a loaded clothesline! Unlike wood, the gas fire can be stopped quickly in the event of a problem and, furthermore, it is possible to manage the intensity of the flames.

J.L Brique and Pierre: our trusted partner
Specializing in masonry, this company located in Delson offers a range of materials of impeccable quality. Its gas fireplaces look great in all exterior styles - discover its models Solino, Rio-Chimney, Rio and Flamko! Since 2005, J.L Brique and Pierre have been selecting sustainable products with a timeless look for their many customers.

Make your dream come true!
At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, we install indoor and outdoor gaz fireplaces in Montreal and the South Shore; we also offer the rental of tanks and the delivery of propane. Call us for more information on our products. It will be our pleasure to help you find the fireplace that will delightfully stretch your sweet summer evenings ...

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