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Blog > Propane Pool Heater: The Solution to Extend Your Summer!

Propane Pool Heater: The Solution to Extend Your Summer!

In Quebec, everyone knows that summer is short and it is essential to take advantage of this period to the fullest. What would you say if you were offered to extend the bathing season in a simple and effective way? All thanks to a propane water heater! If you already own propane powered equipment at home, this water heater will be even faster to install! See below the top 10 benefits of this device.

1- Ideal for the occasional bather: The biggest advantage of this device is that it heats up very quickly. The water heater does not have to stay on constantly to keep the heat. Just put it into operation a few hours before swimming to get a water at the perfect temperature!

2- Speed: When activated, your water heater will increase your pool water temperature by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius per hour, compared to 0.3 degrees Celsius per hour for the heat pump. That is the fastest device on the market. A difference that will save you not only time, but a lot of electricity!

3- More durable than a heat pump: If properly maintained, your propane pool heater will last at least 10 years. The installation of the unit by the certified personnel of Mazout et Propane Beauchemin, as well as the annual inspections, will help you to keep it even longer!

4- Stable and precise temperature: Mazout et Propane Beauchemin wants to offer you the best products on the market. The renowned reliability and electronic thermostats of our wide range of water heaters will guarantee a stable and precise temperature, which will allow you to save more money. Our consultants will be happy to show you our wide range of devices. Come visit our showroom!

5- Energy Saving: Since you will only light your propane appliance a few hours before wading, you will save a lot of electricity or gas. To reach the same temperature, an electric water heater would indeed take much more time and energy to achieve the same result!

6- Efficient, no matter the climate: Unlike the heat pump, the propane pool heater will heat your pool efficiently and quickly, even on the coldest days.

7- Silent: Several pool heaters make an unbearable sound, cutting off the quietness of your neighborhood. Unlike these nasty devices, propane water heaters are totally silent, preserving the peace and quiet... and guaranteeing happy neighbors!

8- Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Our propane pool heaters offer you automatic pilot lighting control, which allows you to turn on and off your appliances at a pre-programmed time or when the desired temperature is reached.

9- Multiple connections: Do you have a spa in addition to a swimming pool? Connect it to your new water heater so that it can also benefit from its incredible heating speed!

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