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Tips for Buying a Gas Fireplace

Want to acquire a gas fireplace for your home or cottage? At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, a company specialized in installing heating appliances (fireplaces, stoves, water heaters, etc.) and delivering fuel (oil, heating oil, propane gas, fuel oil ...) on the South Shore and in Montreal, we can guide you in your approach. Read on to find out more!

What are the characteristics of different models of gas fireplaces?
Gas fireplaces available on the market vary according to various criteria, including:

  • The appearance of the interior of the combustion chamber (artificial logs);
  • EnerGuide energy efficiency rating;
  • Power-up mode in the event of a power failure (battery backup or match);
  • BTU power (up to more than 40,000);
  • Size (small, medium, large or extra large);
  • The main version of the product (built-in, self-contained or self-contained);
  • The type of fuel required to power it (propane or natural gas);
  • Management mode (remote control or thermostat);
  • Style (contemporary, traditional, etc.); 
  • Evacuation system (by natural, mechanical or direct draft).

What are the best brands of gas fireplaces?
There are several excellent brands of gas-fired heaters, and among the best-known ones in Quebec, you will find Napoleon and Valor, which have proved their worth on the market. Be assured that our seasoned team has taken care to make a good selection with regard to gas-fired heaters. For example, the fireplaces and stoves that we install stand out in terms of energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and durability.

How to choose the ideal gas fireplace?
Always trust an expert in a specialized store before making your choice and consult several models.

Choose the comfort and simplicity of gas heating!
At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, we provide complete services for your fireplace or propane stove on the South Shore and in Montreal such as renting and installing safe tanks. Contact us today!

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