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Blog > Tips for Choosing and Maintaining Your Propane Fireplace

Propane gas fireplaces are widespread in Quebec and particularly in the Greater Montreal area. At Mazout & Propane Beauchemin, customer satisfaction has been at the heart of our priorities for nearly 60 years. Before you equip yourself with a propane fireplace, read the following tips.

Maintenance of your propane fireplace

Upon purchasing your unit, please read the operating instructions of your appliance carefully: it contains all the necessary safety recommendations. In addition, the propane fireplace generally requires little maintenance. In fact, it is recommended to clean the burner every 5 to 10 years. To determine when it is time to clean it, observe the fireplace window. If it starts to turn brown, then it is time to clean it! For maximum prevention, it is also essential that the control compartments and circulation areas around the fireplace be kept clean. However, as with all types of appliances, propane fireplaces may experience breakdowns or breakages. In this case, call our qualified technicians.

Located on the South Shore of Montreal and serving the surrounding area, Mazout & Propane Beauchemin is your main point of reference for the purchase, installation and maintenance of propane fireplaces. Throughout the year, the professional services offered by our team guarantee optimal use of your heating system. We look forward to serving you and keeping you warm!

The advantages of a propane fireplace

A propane gas fireplace is a very advantageous investment. In addition to being aesthetic and easy to use, it is also very effective. On the ecological front, propane gas is a fuel that burns cleanliest, emitting very few pollutants. This type of fireplace also offers the advantage of allowing you to control the temperature with a mobile thermostat. In addition, if you install batteries, the propane fireplace will operate despite a power failure. Finally, gas provides constant efficiency and performance, unlike firewood, which can be less effective due to moisture.

Tips for buying a propane fireplace

Before you purchase your propane fireplace, first take the time to assess your heating needs. Do you want an auxiliary heating source or greater heat output? Then, taking your decor into consideration, determine what your preferences are in terms of design, finish and color. Another crucial point to consider before buying is, of course, your budget.
Once you have all this information, visit our showroom in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu or meet a consultant at Boutique Chaleur who will analyze your needs, your aesthetic preferences and your budget to offer you the best propane gas fireplace.

At our Mazout & Propane Beauchemin location, we offer Kingsman, Continental and American Hart fireplaces.

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