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Blog > What Type of Vehicle Is Suitable for Conversion to the Propane Gas System?

Propane is the alternative fuel of choice and offers consumers many economic, environmental and automotive benefits. This alternative is used by a growing number of individuals, but also by large companies with fleets of vehicles of all kinds.

Installing the Propane Tank

Any type of vehicle (automobile, pickup truck, SUV or box trucks) is suitable for a propane tank. It has a safety system that prevents the leaking of propane in the event of a pipe failure or accident. There is also an extensive propane gas supply network in Quebec that allows all motorists to replenish their supplies at all times.

Pickup Trucks

It is possible to install a tank of more or less 90 liters under the vehicle or a tank of 200 liters in the box of the truck.

Box Trucks

Several sizes of tanks are available, from 100 liters to 195 liters (the tank is made according to the available space on the side of the vehicle). It is also possible to install 2 tanks, one on each side, in order to have a greater autonomy.

Cars and SUVs

Installing the tank in the car's trunk is very safe: a duct seals the propane connections and the safety valve, allowing propane to escape to the outside of the vehicle in the event of leakage or overpressure.

For more information about your vehicle and the possibility to convert it to propane, contact us.

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